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Recruiting Guidelines
Recruiting Guidelines and Guild spam

Note: All members above the level of recruit have invite ability.
Invite command: /gin playername

Thank you for your interest in helping our guilds recruit. The overall goal is two-fold: one, attract players who fit in with in our guild's culture, and two, retain our new members by providing them with a great first experience in the guild.

Note to all recruiters: YOU are not responsible for the behavior of new members that you bring into the guild. THEY are responsible for their behavior. If a new member suddenly acts out, guild leadership will focus on their behavior. Do not worry. We appreciate your help and will not get on your case just for you trying to help. Just let us know that you invited someone in the guild who isn't acting appropriately, and we'll deal, and then you can go right on recruiting.



  • Do not post in general chat in the same planet (or on fleet) more than once every 10 minutes.
  • Be sure no one else from the guild is recruiting on the planet you're on.
  • Profane, sexually suggestive and/or political character names, legacy names, and server nicknames are not permitted. Avoid inviting characters with names like TotallyInYou, BiteMe, TwinkForHire, RentBoy, TrumpForever, and SpicySassySally. If you invite someone and realize the name falls into one of these categories, please inform an officer.
  • DO NOT react to trolls trashing your guild spam efforts. Simply put them on /ignore and continue. As tempted as you may be to get into an argument with trolls or feel that you must defend the guild against insults, don't. Just put them on /ignore. It looks just as bad in guild chat that we got defensive over something. Just carry on with grace and dignity and /ignore them.

GUILD SPAM MESSAGE on planets for levels 1-39:

Non-RP, no-drama guild active in PVE, Ops, PVP, and conquest, we offer a variety of scheduled activities. Casual (no obligation to participate in events). Details at https://discord.gg/Kf7R3mM or whisper for an invite. [put in-game guild link here]

GUILD SPAM MESSAGE on planets for levels 40 and higher:

(Guild Name) is a casual no-drama social raiding guild that teaches Story Mode Operations. No obligation to participate in events. Details at tiop-ed.shivtr.com or whisper for invite.

If anyone asks what "no drama" means:
No-drama means zero tolerance for insults regarding anyone's politics, real-life sexuality, race, religion, or national origin, and we'll deguild the entire legacy without warning for doing so.

Please put year.month.date in officer notes.

Example: 2017.05.15

If you do not know the date of recruitment, and/or who recruited, put the date prior.

For lifetime members, if a new recruit is part of an existing lifetime member legacy, put LIFE MEMBER in officer notes instead of the character's join date.