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Guild Membership
Guild Membership

Guild invite command: /gin playername

  • All character classes, races, and alignments are welcome
  • You may bring as many of your alts into the guild as you like
  • We do not discriminate against players for player real-life race, age, gender, sexuality, gender identification, religion, heritage, or nationality

Inappropriate Character Names: While we do not discriminate against players for their sexuality and have a diverse guild membership, we do not approve of sexually explicit character names being in the guild. If a player's character is invited into the guild, and the guild leadership subsequently realizes or is informed that the name is somehow a sexual reference, the player will be asked to change the name (by either rerolling the character or paying cartel coins) or pulling the character out of the guild.

Inactivity Policy: Guilds in Star Wars: The Old Republic currently have a maximum member cap of 1,000 members. We therefore have an inactive deguild policy of 50 days (and begin deguilding at 40 days in some instances). We have some people grandfathered out of this requirement, but for everyone else, the above applies. If you have an expectation that you'll be gone for a while, simply contact the guild leader or an officer in-game via mail and we'll put you on the DNR (do not remove) list. If you are deguilded for inactivity, this is not a ban. Simply contact one of us upon your return.


Our guild ranks are tied to guild bank vaults and to officer requirements.
Note that everyone above Recruit has guild invite ability.

Ranks are described lowest to highest.

Recruit - A newly recruited person. Recruits do not get promoted until reaching level 10 and must have a legacy name (for bank tracking purposes). We require a legacy name before any promotion. Most recruits are eligible for promotion after a couple days.
Recruits do not have guild invite ability nor have any access to guild repair funds or bank vaults. They may participate in guild chat.
Member - Members form the core of our guild and are highly respected. A member is a player who has reached level 10, has a legacy name, and has been in the guild for a few days. Most of our players remain at member level forever, which is quite fine for this guild, because ranks are not a progression for us. Members have invite ability, access to the member vault, and access to guild repair funds.
Member Crafter - Same privileges as Member. A Member Crafter has indicated to an officer, event trustee, or the guild leader that he or she is a full-time crafter and would like to contribute to the guild by crafting. This rank has access to the crafting vaults but not the operations vaults.
Member Ops - Same privileges as Member. A Member Ops participates in guild operations. This rank has access to the operation vaults but not the crafting vaults
Member Full - Someone who both crafts and participates in operations, and subsequently has access to both the crafting and operations bank vaults and guild repair funds.
Event Trustee - An Event Trustee is the "NCO" rank for officers, has been in the guild a good while, communicated thoroughly with the guild leader in both voice chat and in the game, has demonstrated dedication to the guild by showing willingness to help others, great knowledge regarding game events and operations. Event trustees share similar permissions to that of an officer but cannot remove guild members. They can promote members up to and including Member Full. The difference between an Event Trustee and an officer is that an Event Trustee may help out, an officer must.
Officer - Officers in our guilds are expected to support the guild's long-term viability, which means focusing on guild-oriented tasks far more often than any other rank, and to keep their rank, must continually maintain that level of support. They also have a high level of trust within the guild to make independent decisions for discipline, up to and including deguilding players.

Officers routinely scrub the guild roster of inactive players, make sure promotions occur, and organize special events. Officers are also expected to model the behavior supportive of the guild's expectations.

In addition, officers:
* Must be 18 years or older in real life, preferably older
* Must have a legacy name and routinely enter Discord
* Must recruit when possible
* Must make themselves available when members have issues or concerns they wish to express
Assistant Guild Leader- There is only ever one person of AGL rank. In addition to the responsibilities of officer, the AGL is also the officer foreman, hiring and firing officers and grooming event trustees to become officers as the need arises. The AGL has all the rights and privileges that the game affords the guild leader rank minus those that the game reserves specifically for the guild leader.
Guild Leader - If the guild leader in this guild can be said to have any job, it is to instill the culture and norms that the guild lives by, drive expectations of what it means to be in this guild, and to remain big picture in the long-term viability of the guild. SWTOR reserves guild leader rank for banning/unbanning players, managing guild ranks, and managing guild vaults.