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Expectations of Behavior

We run our guilds strictly no-drama, and we promote our guilds as no-drama to other players on the server. While voice chat is its own creature, engaging in the following behaviors in in-game guild chat (and sometimes general chat) may result in either a verbal warning or deguilding:

Character & legacy names
Profane, sexually suggestive and/or political character names, legacy names, and server nicknames are not permitted.

Do not grief role-players. While we are not a role-play guild, we want our guild to be thought of as a good citizen on the server. You will see role-play occur in general chat and on your travels. Do not interrupt, ridicule, etc., the role-play experience of other players.

Do not antagonize other players, both in and out of the guild. Antagonizing/bullying/intimidating other players (both in and out of the guild) is unnacceptable.

Do not disrupt or rile others in guild chat.
This includes excessive cursing, name-calling, using all caps, flooding guild chat with text, or otherwise being distuptive and immature.

Do not introduce drama into guild chat.
Avoid topics of religion, sexuality, politics, and other hot-button issues in guild chat. There's plenty of space to do that in general chat if you wish, and even then, do not let your contribution to general chat becomes vile or hostile to others.

Nagging.If you want to group, you're of course welcome to ask anyone if they want to participate in an activity, but don't spam guild chat every 6 seconds asking people to group, or for begging for gear, groups, promotions, credits, or access to the bank.

Threatening to quit. If you want to quit the guild, quit. Not all guilds are for everyone and not everyone is a great fit in every guild. But if you grandstand and make demands and threaten to quit, you'll be deguilded and most likely banned.

Regarding Operations, flashpoints, and groups: We are a casual guild, but just as importantly, we are a no-pressure guild. That means you can ask people to participate, but once you've asked, you've asked. Do not goad or pressure people to join.

Expectations while in Voice Chat (Discord) Asking a bunch of adults never to curse into a microphone on our Discord channel in the middle of a heated battle is not reasonable. It will happen, we know this. We may ask you to pull back if your cursing in voice chat becomes excessive, prolonged, or if we know there are children on the channel (i.e., Daddy stepped away and his three-year-old grabbed his headset).

Topics in voice chat may extend well beyond what is acceptable in the chat channels in-game, but a few topics remain completely off-limits and we will ask you to stop. We reserve the right to mute, kick, or ban any voice chat user who insists on continuing after being asked to stop.

In keeping with being a no-drama guild, even if comments are not directed toward a specific person or group, the following topics are inappropriate in in-game chat as well as voice-chat at all times:

1. Disparaging comments regarding race, ethnic background, religion, sexuality, gender, age, or nationality.

2. ALL discussions of politics, including political affiliations, politicians, and conspiracy theories.

3. While discussions surrounding sexuality are okay, direct comments regarding sex or sexual acts are not.

4. Through thick and thin, we are supportive of each other as a guild. Excessively disparaging the failure of a group member, team member, or guild member as it relates to the game is not acceptable. "Ah gee, you shouldn't have touched that blue clicky" is not the same as "damn, where the hell did you learn to fight? Don't you know your class?" If you have constructive criticism, offer it, but do not belittle, discourage, or insult.