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Seventh Anniversary Message

Callenwolde / Apr 24, 2021

Hi all,

It's hard to believe we've hit seven years as a guild. I started playing SWTOR in July of 2013, and by April of 2014, formed There Is Only Peace, with the imperial guild following a few months later.

From 2007 - 2014, I was the leader of a casual guild in Everquest 2. It's still alive, and still run by my closest friend in that game. I cut my guild leader's teeth running that guild. Many mistakes. Many realizations about what constitutes a good guild. Of all the lessons I learned during that time, the two most important were maintaining a healthy guild culture is paramount, and to trust.

Trust in people, do right by people, set a good example, and they'll trust in you. I’ve empowered our officers to take the reins at every opportunity. I trust their decisions, and as just importantly, back up their decisions. I'm blessed as a guild leader – we’re blessed a guild – to have a mature, thoughtful, attentive, and hard-working leadership team. I could not ask for better.

I learned as a board member of one non-profit corporation and as president of another about the importance of culture. Culture is a wide-spread understanding among a group of people of what's appropriate, what isn't, and provides a common drive. When it comes to guilds, express the culture you want a guild to carry, whether that be through websites, in-game messages, or all-hands meetings, and the culture manifests a self-reinforcing life of its own.

Between trusting a leadership team to make the right decisions, and instilling a culture shepherding those decisions, a guild will practically run itself.

Members are just as important. They believe in the guild’s direction, our leadership team, and in me. And I see that every time I log in: Selflessly doing things day in and day out, to the extent that they can, to help the guild. Donations to the guild bank. Conversations in guild chat of members helping members. Groups forming and running off and doing things any hour of any day.

I log in and think to myself, yes family, I’m home.

I've always said good people make good guilds great, and you are the best.
Here's to another year!


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