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Online: over 2 years ago
Joined: Apr 06, 2019
Gender: Female
Country: United States of America
State/Province: Texas
City: Austin
My MMOs are:
1. World of Warcraft: I am a Senior Officer (4th in rank) in my Alliance side guild on the Cenarian Circle server (Death From Above) and I am the Guild Leader on my Horde side guild on The Scryers server (Maelstrom)
2. Star Trek Online: I am a Command Admiral (1st in rank with 6 others) in my Federation Fleet (Starfleet Lions) and I am a member in my Klingon Fleet (House of Martok)
3. Champions Online
4. Star Wars the Old Republic: I am a member in my Republic guild on the Star Forge server (There is Only Peace) and I am a member in my Imperial guild on the Star Forge server (Empire's Destiny)
5. The Elder Scrolls Online:
6. Black Desert Online:
7. Everquest II

I also play the Mass Effect series, the Dragon Age series, Skyrim, and Hidden Object games.
I like to read, I enjoy reading manga and I play board games as well. I love music.
I am happily married to another gamer and I work full time at Macy's, so my schedule is never the same.