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#14215315 Sep 24, 2019 at 04:56 PM
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Onslaught Gear and how it works.
Do the dailies on Onderon first as it give you 9 pieces of gear if you complete the weekly.
Any flash point will give gear and this is per boss. The gear will be close to your gear score, I level, so once you are 75 you will be getting 268 or higher level gear as your gear score goes up so will the quality of the gear that drops. Expect four pieces per boss. Hammer station give about 12.
Of those in the beginning most will be an upgrade, but be careful of the green upgrade arrow as it will point out any increase in a stat. Make sure it goes up a level 268 to 270 or 272 etc because most side upgrades will lean towards accuracy.
Save all the gear you gain for as many sets as you want to build. You can order them by stat or try to keep them balanced. In the end you will have several sets over 302 once you get to 306 gear score.
I have five sets of non-modifiable gear, one set worth of mods armorings and enhancements. I could have saved more but I didn't.
I plan on saving at least eight sets once this is live.

Critical: 2800 if you go for the 1.3GCD than you will be lucky to have 1200 30% 60% modifier

Alacrity: 1.4 GCD is about 1300 3200 should be the 1.3GCD.

Accuracy: 1589 gets you 110.007%

Some tank gear and mods are still dropping for my assassin, so they should fix that, but I think it is fine as I can save them for a tank. Assassins are getting many new perks that will make them the only tank to have. I expect them to be nerfed once the complaints run high enough.

YOU will be weaker on any planet you are not the same level with. Ossus you get nerfed to about 116k health. Your comp will not do the same healing it did before. Better have at least one level fifty comp with each toon you have.

Gear is all legacy gear. Gear is all legacy gear. Gear is all legacy gear.

I cant say this enough. If you are getting gear you are getting gear for all your toons at once. Only gear sets matter as far as your spec is concerned. If you run a healer class you should see very little accuracy, but dont expect not to. If you run a dps expect to get tank weapons or healer gear if they don't fix it. But it is not much.

Modifiable gear
Don't worry about getting any until you reach 306 because you will just trash it if you get it, but do collect it as it drops to have a choice of mods once you reach 306. If you get a modifiable piece then wearing it slightly increases your chance to get a mod.

There are a ton of worthless mods out there now. Best to collect the letter-less mods and the ones with the highest mastery unless you know how to use the formula. =Mastery×0.2205 =Power×0.2415
Something like this so mastery is a bit better over all. Though you do need power so the unlettered mods are still better for pve until someone figures out the BiS mods to get as they have all changed.
Just remember you are not gearing one toon but all your toons with which ever toon you are playing with.

TECH Fragments and where to used them.
You can buy the stuff that used to drop in command crates with them. You can buy random gear, but only if you really have to if you are under a 306 gear score. Tacticals are good to buy as there are several per class spec. Once you are at 306 you can then think of buying set pieces.

There are universal sets and damage, healing, and tanking sets. There are class specified sets that only that class and their mirrors can wear. Do not just except the first piece you get from Kai Zykken as you can sell it back until you get a piece you like. Not all mods will be the same level in the gear. You might see a 300 armoring a 284 mod and a 306 enhancement. Make sure they are all 306 or higher than the piece you are trying to replace.

Skins, Armorings, mods, and enhancements can have amplifiers on them. There is even a set that is supposed to have high percentage amplifiers in them. I am not sure if they work yet but I have seen a few I like and may have promise.

Life stealing. Imagine you get say a good number of ones with life stealing. 25 pieces of life stealing at between 1% and 4 % lets say you have all of them at 4% 100% life stealing if that is how it will work will be very nice if not game breaking so I have no clue how it works. But if you have one piece doing say 5% then keep it.

First strike. Have not seen many of those but 5.6% was on one of them and if they stack you could do 125% first strike. Say you crit and your attack does double damage from stealth? Could one shot someone if not balanced.

Most likely expect to get one of each at a high percentage. And the low percentages probably will stack and not the high ones or it will be limited. Really need them to issue some rules on amplifiers. Low percentage ones handle doing a bit more damage over all.

Weapon expertise 0.6% 0r 0.4% or 1.3% does a bit more damage to your target. A dps increase is a dps increase.
#14215334 Sep 24, 2019 at 05:10 PM
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To further get into Onslaught you have to realize this is a work in progress, but I still hate the RNG aspect of this entire system.

If it goes live without multiple routes to get exactly the gear you want then it will kill a lot of people will to keep playing.

There is a line that will be hard to balance between giving out the gear too fast or not fast enough.

I for one fall for the carrot on the stick every time, but with this system the carrot is too hard to see for more than one character. Once I have one set for each base roll will I have the motivation to really gear up the rest of my toons?

Crafting is going to be a game changer for many as I used crafting to help not only myself but the guild when 230 gear came out. With how expensive the plans are and how much is changing the crafting maybe worthless to work on or way over inflated which is how most things are going with this expansion.

With everything going back to their original level I feel that operations and flash points will go the way of heroics as they will be too easy to solo. A guild that does operations to progress will find they have only one operation to progress through as everything else will be either too easy like it was before they level synced the instance to being impossible from the lack of DPS from the nerf to power and mastery or non survival for the tanks with the reduced health pool. Tanks inn this game are always lower than dps. Though if you find the right mods of the newer type this may change not that it would matter for lower content.

Negative aside this is going to be an interesting change and I hope one that we can deal with. I hope that things will balance out once people start to understand the amplifiers and tacticals. The various set bonuses will be a challenge as there will be so many and they plan on many more.

My best advice is to play the pts if you have the space on your hard drive or read every PTS post to get the basics. With the warning that there are many negative comments from the lack of disclosure or the lack of direct purchase vendors.
#14215389 Sep 24, 2019 at 06:38 PM
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Thank you for all the trouble you are going through to learn this stuff and post it here. I hope and trust that you are posting to PTS and developers also, what you say here is important for them to hear imo. This entire change has not left a good taste in my mouth so to speak, and most other posters that I have read are expressing the same distaste. I would hope that "they" listen to input about the proposed changes from current players, although it may be too late for "them" to reconsider any significant reversions or compromises. I am filled with a feeling of dread.😩
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