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#14166289 Jun 21, 2019 at 09:15 PM
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Thought I would do a series on some more advanced UI set ups and how to use them.

This is for setting up target of target and it's uses. For the old pros out there please add to this if there is anything I am missing.

First off this on is a little hidden. I have added some pictures that should help out.

Open up the interface editor. Then in the pull down that should default to main HUD, hit the pull down and select ops. This is just to clear away some of the clutter so you can see the target of target on screen. Once you find the target of target box on screen left click on it to highlight it. Back in the interface editor window you will see a place to scale this to a different size but also a check box marked enable. Click this, it is what enables this in game. Then also play around moving this in screen to a place that works for you along with the associated cast bar. You can also scale this to a size that works for you. click save and then exit.

Now whenever you click on another person, ally, or enemy you will see who they have targeted.

What are some good ways to use this.

Tanks: One of the most import items to have up. Using this you will know if you have agro or not. If you don't and your supposed to its easy to know instantly and taunt. Also you can watch the other tank in ops if they get stunned ect and a healer or DPS is taking fire you can improvise and taunt the boss.
DPS: Let's you know who the boss is targeting. If its you then thats a good time to hit your agro dump and help out the tanks to get back control.
Healer: I haven't found a ton of uses for this as a healer, but it has one good piece of information. When healing you really never target the boss so it can be difficult to tell where in the fight you are. If this is up then as you are going around targeting your teammates their target will normally be the boss and you can better keep track of how the fight is going.

All roles: I haven't found this as useful in pvp as pve but it can be helpful at time especially in a crowed fight. I will use this to see if anyone is targeting me, and then if they are not the main objective it's easy to click on the target of target to acquire them and stun them.

Ok no pictures for right now url only pictures - will try to find a way to add them.
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