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General Discussion

<TIOP/ED> Member Survey

Hello everyone! I'm Delfae, one of your guild officers in TIOP/ED. This is a guildwide email inviting our members to participate in a small interest survey to determine what activities people are enjoying in the mid-6.0 era. If you could spend a c...
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General Discussion

Onderon/Onslaught Gearing

Onslaught Gearing.Rule 1Forget everything you know about gearing.Rule 2Accept the RNG gods are out to make your experience a living hell.Rule 3Play the game “Cough” your way “Cough.”Rule 4Ilevel is King, Queen, and JackRule 5306 gear is just like ...
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General Discussion


Onslaught Gear and how it works.Do the dailies on Onderon first as it give you 9 pieces of gear if you complete the weekly.Any flash point will give gear and this is per boss. The gear will be close to your gear score, I level, so once you are 75...
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Sin Tank Mod Choice

I am developing and studying guides about gearing for my Sin Tank and Vulkk recommends using the Lethal mods instead of the Warding mods, reasoning being that they are really not needed for defense and the Power the Lethal mods provide will turn t...
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General Discussion

mysterious observers on Odessen

5.10.4 patch notes - ????? – There are reports of mysterious observers being spotted around the Odessen base…How to get this mini mission. Must have completed the mission hearts and minds.Must have a macro binoculars Kind of a cool little Easter e...
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Focus target and acquire focus targets target

Focus target and acquire focus targets targetThese two go together focus target has some uses without the other but most of the time if used in unison they work great together. They can also be moved around and resized in the interface editor. Foc...
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Target of Target

Thought I would do a series on some more advanced UI set ups and how to use them. This is for setting up target of target and it's uses. For the old pros out there please add to this if there is anything I am missing.First off this on is a little ...
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General Discussion

Hi there

Hi everyone I just recently joined your guild. My character is Krytonus the gunslinger. Hope to have a lot of fun and go out and blast a lot of bad guys.
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General Discussion


Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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